Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ayers Occupies Ciné

The next chapter of 6X6 partners with the Ciné gallery to present the work of photographer Jeremy Ayers and his vibrant, textured, and topical images of the Occupy Wall Street movement. A natural extension of his daily practice of chronicling the streets and strangers of NYC with his camera and unique visual sensibility, Ayers was ideally positioned to dive into the populist occupation and outcry back in its inception in the early autumn 2011, becoming an ally to and photographer of the movement through the publication Occupy!, a semi-regular, forty-page broadsheet newspaper produced by n+1, the acclaimed print magazine of politics, literature, and culture.

Ayers will share slides and talk about the Occupy movement and his images on Wednesday, March 7 at 8:00 pm as a closing event for his exhibit, currently on view in the Ciné gallery. Plan to come and get a taste of what the wide world is doing out there in the big streets of the city, through the eyes of Athens' original hybrid talent, style icon, and gentle spirit.

More about the artist:
Jeremy Ayers is a writer/photographer/yoga teacher who lives and works in Athens, GA and New York City, NY. His work can be seen online at and in his books Aeronautica and Today in New York. His new book featuring his Occupy Wall Street photographs will be available in March 2012.

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