Sunday, September 19, 2010

Take a Chance on 6X6

It is chancy indeed to participate in 6X6. Submitters don't know whether they will be accepted; curators don't know whether they will like the work that is submitted; the coordinator doesn't know whether anyone will show up; the audience doesn't know whether to get a nice glass of wine or a refreshing draught of IPA; and on October 6th, it will be up to them to decide everything. Don't miss out on this chance to submit to the fickle finger of fate; the deadline for entries is Tuesday, September 21. Roll the dice and see what happens!

About The Curator for 6X6 Chance:
The 6X6 Audience consists of seasoned professionals who understand the ins and outs of audience participation. They come, they buy beverages, they sit, they applaud, they volunteer, and they come back again. What a great group! They will bring their own signature style to the proceedings, one that mixes the experimental with the tried and true, the women with the men, and the unpredictable with the just plain unforeseeable.

Monday, September 6, 2010

It's Time to Submit Again to 6X6

Just when you thought it was over, 6X6 is returning for another round of fast, free fun. Will we be able to top the antics of sweatered rabbits, searching for Gina, and locating Paul? Will the door prizes get any better? What can we possibly do to keep 6X6 fresh and unexpected? Stay tuned, the answer will surprise you.

In the meantime, the 6X6 call for submissions has been posted. New themes, new curators, and new dates, but with some continuity -- the curators are artists whose work was submitted in the first round, so they know the drill, and are ready to put their own stamp on the proceedings. You can too -- submit your video, performance, and sound work now! It's free and easy to submit; all submissions are posted to the 6X6 YouTube channel; and selected artists receive fame and glory, or at least the opportunity to capture the perfectly short attention spans of the 6X6 audience, a faithful and enthusiastic bunch of novelty-starved Athenians. Get with it -- submit to one or more themes today through March 21, 2011.

6X6 Series II Schedule



Submit Date

Event Date, Wednesdays 7-8PM


6X6 Audience


October 6, 2010


Lindsey Klonoski


November 3, 2010


Sabrina Cuadra


December 1, 2010


Brian Hitselberger


February 2, 2011


Matthew Buzzell


March 2, 2011


Lauren Fancher


April 6, 2011