Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Submit and Be Relieved

We are relieved every time a 6X6 event avoids excessive regurgitation, and we do so by offering specific suggestions and/or unapproved medical advice. So, we think we might have a handle on some of those qualities surrounding relief, which is both something you can feel and something you can provide. 6X6 reaches out to the world and the world gives back; we have received submissions from every corner of the globe. This relieves Athens of the need to generate all of the art for 6X6, although in some ways we wish Athens would. In fact, perhaps you have been thinking: "I keep meaning to submit to 6X6." And since you haven't done so, you are feeling a little pang of something very much like lameness. The absolute best way to get relief for this uncomfortable feeling is to submit. We hope that each of you will express your thoughts on relief, and submit to the upcoming event, curated by Sabrina Cuadra, by November 21. The event will not relieve you of any money at all on Wednesday, December 1, from 7-8 pm at Ciné Lab.

About The Curator:
Sabrina Cuadra's work is a mixture of of performance art, sound art, and video art, influenced by her Argentine and Miami heritage. Under the moniker "Whistling School for Boys" she performs in rock show settings, combining light, color, found photos and footage with original music and audience participation, shining a light on the ordinary. She seeks to redefine artist-audience boundaries, shattering expectations that any audience might have. Since 2006, WSFB has had appearances at the New Art School's Rock vs. Art VII at the glorious underground pub Churchill's in Miami's Little Haiti, at Electronic SubSouth's first Women Of Electronic Music showcase in Gainesville, Florida, the Athens Popfest at Little Kings Shuffle Club, Flicker Theater & Bar, and ATHICA. WSFB has also projected videos during concerts by the Microphones, Everybody Everybody, 63 Crayons, Flash to Bang Time and Soul Spectacular dance parties in Athens. Her video collaboration with Connie Mae Oliver for Animal Collective's "Purple Bottle" has been viewed over 300,000 times on Youtube. Nobody leaves a WSFB performance without excitement and/or confusion.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Consumed by 6X6

A Tolerance for Milk Drinking

We looked at Consumption the other night with 6X6 curator Lindsey Klonoski and a willing crowd. Really, it is not a flattering picture. Jennie Thing's world is full of the wrappers, chewing, and whirling flotsam-ephemera of our cast-offs; Ash Sechler fetishized the esophageal blooms shaped by our swallowing mechanisms; Ted Kuhn pushed those mechanisms to the brink by drinking milk in excessive quantity, but he also shared it with the audience via the tiny glasses of a communion set; Paige Mostowy contemplated a set of personal visions of all or part; Jimmy DeRoth drew comparisons between sloth, weight, and fitness; and Tom Ketteringham engaged a young teen in a thoughtful dialogue that scared one witless. You can consume for yourself:

Lindsey Klonoski: Curator Introduction
1. Jennie Thwing Plastic Landscape 1:37
2. Ash Sechler Consumption Junction 2:00
3. T. Kuhn Tolerance (performance)
4. Paige Mostowy thatsthewhole(andthatsthepartofit) 2:10
5. Jimmy DeRoth Relaxing Steps 4:33
6. Tom Ketteringham Does a Happy Meal Make You Happy? 5:05

Next up: Relief, curated by Sabrina Cuadra -- the deadline to
submit is November 21.

Monday, November 1, 2010

That Which Eats Us Makes Us Stronger: 6X6 Consumption

Why do birds suddenly appear every time trash is near? When we are consumed with an idea, are we still ourselves, or have we become that which is eating us? Eat like a bird and consume half your weight in art and ideas on Wednesday night, November 3rd, from 7-8 pm, when 6X6 Student Prize Winner Lindsey Klonoski scatters the bread on the waters at Ciné Lab with her selections, including works by 6X6 interns Paige Mostowy and Ted Kuhn, Jimmy DeRoth (Athens), Ash Sechler (New York by way of Athens), Tom Ketteringham (Bristol, England), and Jennie Thwing (Glassboro, NJ).

About The Curator: Lindsey Klonoski is a multimedia video artist in Athens, Georgia. Winner of the 6X6 UGA Student Prize earlier this year, she is in her fourth year of study at the University of Georgia earning a BFA in Digital Media. Klonoski grew up on Saint Simons Island, a small town on the easternmost coast of Georgia. Her art is driven by the nostalgia of this town, specifically the juxtaposition of its beauty and inviting appearance against the deeper layers of heartache, mystery, and mysticism that resonate in the rural south. Her work explores human nature and emotions, seeking to understand the disconnection between the two; simultaneously invoking lust and discomfort, confusion and enticement.