Sunday, November 7, 2010

Consumed by 6X6

A Tolerance for Milk Drinking

We looked at Consumption the other night with 6X6 curator Lindsey Klonoski and a willing crowd. Really, it is not a flattering picture. Jennie Thing's world is full of the wrappers, chewing, and whirling flotsam-ephemera of our cast-offs; Ash Sechler fetishized the esophageal blooms shaped by our swallowing mechanisms; Ted Kuhn pushed those mechanisms to the brink by drinking milk in excessive quantity, but he also shared it with the audience via the tiny glasses of a communion set; Paige Mostowy contemplated a set of personal visions of all or part; Jimmy DeRoth drew comparisons between sloth, weight, and fitness; and Tom Ketteringham engaged a young teen in a thoughtful dialogue that scared one witless. You can consume for yourself:

Lindsey Klonoski: Curator Introduction
1. Jennie Thwing Plastic Landscape 1:37
2. Ash Sechler Consumption Junction 2:00
3. T. Kuhn Tolerance (performance)
4. Paige Mostowy thatsthewhole(andthatsthepartofit) 2:10
5. Jimmy DeRoth Relaxing Steps 4:33
6. Tom Ketteringham Does a Happy Meal Make You Happy? 5:05

Next up: Relief, curated by Sabrina Cuadra -- the deadline to
submit is November 21.

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