Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fast, Fun, Free Film Festival Panel

Not Exactly Dave Marr but Close...

6X6 is changing the program up in November -- instead of experiencing media work from around town, state, and globe, we'll be hanging out with with our friends in the other Athens film interest groups for a fast, fun, free film festival panel. "Meet the Festival Organizers: The Inside Scoop on Film Festivals and Film Festival Programming" will take place during the usual 6X6 scheduled time of 7:00 pm on Tuesday, November 1 at the Ciné lab.

We are delighted that we've been included in this entertaining and educational event, which represents an exciting new direction for 6X6, in which we will join co-presenters EcoFocus Film Festival, UGA Filmmaking Union, Film Athens, and Ciné. Not only will we hear from top-notch panelists such as Charles Judson from the award-winning Atlanta film festival, Harry Musselwhite, executive director of the Rome International Film Festival, and our own Sara Beresford, director and lead programmer of the EcoFocus Film Festival in Athens, we'll also be enjoying the chance to see our longtime pal Dave Marr (singer, film critic, Flagpole city editor, Ciné programming committee member, and raconteur) attempt to keep this highly qualified panel in line and help us get the inside scoop on how festivals work, from planning, to programming, to getting your work selected.

Panel dicussion participants include:

  • Sara Beresford, Director/Programmer, EcoFocus Film Festival, Athens GA
  • Charles Judson, Programmer & Industry Outreach, Atlanta Film Festival
  • Pam Kohn, Former Director, Robert Osborne Classic Film Festival, Athens GA
  • Harry Musselwhite, Executive Director, Rome International Film Festival
  • Terrell Sandfur, Festival Organizer, Macon Film Festival
  • Ken Sherman, President, Athens Jewish Film Festival
  • Justin Carter, Festival Producer, Dixie Film Fest, Athens GA

Arrive early and enter to win the door prize provided by 6X6 -- it's extra special just like this event...

Co-presented by:
EcoFocus Film Festival, UGA Filmmaking Union,
Film Athens, Ciné and 6X6.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Find 6X6 at Ciné Wednesday October 5

From "Love Doug & Muriel," a sound and media work by 6X6 resident Lauren Fancher

Come to the Ciné lab on Wednesday night, October 5th from 7-8pm for the latest chapter in the media arts experiment known as 6X6. A cross between an art show, a film festival, and a group of friends having a beer, 6X6 brings experimental video, sound, and performance to Athens from all over the world as well as close to home. Always fast, fun, and free. This week's event Tresor Trové: Lost and Found, Flotsom and Jetsam includes works which repurpose, reshape, recombine, or are derived from found materials, including photographs, film, video, and sound. Artists from Athens to Walla Walla and beyond are brought together in this collective meditation on our collective culture. Float in and be a part of it...