Monday, April 4, 2011

Escape to 6X6 Wednesday April 6th

Escape to the final episode of the second 6X6 series on Wednesday, April 6th at the Ciné Lab from 7-8 pm. Escape will feature a special 36+ (6X6) person worldwide collaborative video/image/sound/performance, "Escape from Destiny," including Athens' own musicians Dale Wechsler on violin and George Davidson on saxophone. A summation of the 6X6 raison d'etre, "Escape from Destiny" uses digital collaboration on a grand scale to create a fast, fun, free, real-time experience, engaging the audience as collaborators as the performance unfolds.

Each digital collaborator received a "blind" assignment, and will not discover the shape of the whole piece until it is performed live at the event. Other local contributors to "Escape from Destiny" include Jennifer Hartley, Mike Landers, Michael Lachowski, Lamar Wood, Mary Willoughby, Caroline Barratt, Christina Cotter, David Noah, Peter Fancher, Kate Schoenke, Ian Darken, Michael Meindl, Jeanne Ann Davidson, Christopher Childs, Ray Lee, and Gwenn Carter. They are united with contributors from Italy, England, the Netherlands, Ireland, New York, Florida, Arizona, Ohio, and Tennessee.

The program also includes five other video/sound/performance works in the theme of Escape, curated by Lauren Fancher, who is also the 6x6 Program Coordinator and the instigator of "Escape from Destiny."

About the Curator
Lauren Fancher has a background in studio art (BFA, UGA) and instructional technology (MEd, UGA), and currently has a focus on interactive design and digital media. She is active in the instructional technology, library, and digital arts communities as a writer, presenter, and artist, as well as serving as the coordinator of the 6X6 Media Arts Events series held at the Ciné Lab in Athens.

More about the curator:

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