Saturday, March 5, 2011

Is That All There is to 6X6?

6X6 really left no stone unturned in its exploration of the theme Sentiment last Wednesday. Curator Matthew Buzzell brought together a diverse and thoughtful program of music, experimental sound and video, a touching short film, and the highlight of the evening, his friend the writer and poet Starkey Flythe, Jr., who read several poems with such southern emotion, wit and flair that he had the audience asking for more.

Curator Introduction: Theme from the Summer of '42
1. Amber Boardman, Classical Translation, Brooklyn, NY
2. Chris White, Good Life, Greenville, SC
3. Ron Lambert, Lesson Plans: Understanding Love, Nashville, TN
4. Heather D. Freeman, The Bat, Charlotte, NC
5. Charlie Murphy, 6' of 'kiss,London, UK
6. Starkey Flythe, Jr., Reading, Augusta, GA
Curator Finale: Peggy Lee Sings "Is That All There Is?"

Next up: 6X6 Escape, curated by Lauren Fancher. Submit by March 21; be there April 6th.

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