Thursday, December 2, 2010

6X6 Relieves What Bothers You

Last night curator Sabrina Cuadra helped the 6X6 audience relieve their pent up doldrums through a little discomfort therapy. With assistance from musicians/noise smiths Bryan Poole, Aaron Jollay, Stephen Cramer, Nate Mitchell, and Alice Serres, Cuadra encouraged the audience to scream when they "couldn't take it anymore." And scream they did.

Selections for Relief:
1. Larisa David, The Room, Bucharest, Romania

2. Lindsey Klonoski and Jimmy DeRoth, relief relive, Athens, GA

3. Lara Salinas Alejandre, Endocrinology Nº3, Valencia, Spain

4. Nathan Lam Vuong, Untitled (Haircut), Valencia, CA

5. Andres Jurado, 2 48 minutos con la puerta, México

6. Houston Jimenez, (Re)conciliation, College Station, TX

Up next: Time, curated by Brian Hitselberger. Submit by January 21st.

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