Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Consuming As Fast As We Can

Consumption is us, and the us-ness of us is getting to be a little overwhelming: big box stores, holiday junk, landfills of fast food containers and plastic toys. Still, we cherish the cast off remnants of our culture looping through YouTube and out into space. How is it that consumption is both the act of consuming and the act of being consumed? Lindsey Klonoski will ponder this subject in the next 6X6, November 3 at the Ciné Lab from 7-8 PM. Submit your work by October 21.

About the Curator:
Lindsey Klonoski is a multimedia video artist in Athens, Georgia. Winner of the 6X6 UGA Student Prize earlier this year, she is in her fourth year of study at the University of Georgia earning a BFA in Digital Media. Klonoski grew up on Saint Simons Island, a small town on the easternmost coast of Georgia. Her art is driven by the nostalgia of this town, specifically the juxtaposition of its beauty and inviting appearance against the deeper layers of heartache, mystery, and mysticism that resonate in the rural south. Her work explores human nature and emotions, seeking to understand the disconnection between the two; simultaneously invoking lust and discomfort, confusion and enticement. More about the curator: http://www.oakandmoss.com


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