Saturday, May 8, 2010

Submit to Paul Thomas

You may ask yourself, what is this 6X6? You may ask yourself, why should I submit? You may tell yourself, this is not my 6X6. This is not my beautiful light. But it is -- don't hide it under a bushel. Submit and be seen.

Curated by Athens' own international art star Paul Thomas, the deadline to submit is May 21.

More About Paul Thomas
Paul Thomas has his hands in a lot of different things. Known to many as the proprietor of a series of salons offering vintage goods, conversation, and performance, he is now a full-time artist. His recent work includes being one of 14 contemporary artists chosen to augment the Dada Retrospective at The National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., in the International Dada Exhibition: "Born-Again Dada" at the District of Columbia Contemporary Arts Center, in Washington D.C.; the exhibit "Portraits of the American Subconscious" at the Fay Gold Gallery, Atlanta, GA; video and sound installations at the Contemporary in Atlanta and the AUX Festival, in Athens, GA; writings and collage work; and serving as curator/ consultant to the LM Gallery in Williamsburg, Va.

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