Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fashion X 3600 Seconds

1/1800's of Ghost Ray, a 60 Second work by Dominic DeJoseph

Fashion kicked off the 6X6 series last night. An adventurous group of Athenian students, townspeople, faculty, artists, and friends gathered in the Ciné Lab and bore witness as Michael Lachowski revealed his six selections for his theme "Fashion," discussing his intentions as a curator and his reaction to each selection. He approached the topic from the standpoint that fashion is not only about "glamour" and our cultural preoccupation with style, but also refers to making things, and things that reflect making. The works ranged from the low-res compulsively repetitive video and music of "Cotton Crotch" by Sabrina Cuadra to the low-key humor of "Kai Reidl is Without Socks," directed by Matthew Buzzell, with music by the late Athens band Macha.

Selections for Fashion:
Seven Days of Seven Curators in My Closet: Jacqueline Davis
Ghost Ray: Dominic DeJoseph, Director; Sean Eden, Music
Cotton Crotch: Sabrina Cuadra, Video and Music
Transformation: Ash Sechler, Video
Frau Fiber in Conversation With Pasteur Achille: Carole Frances Lung, Interview and Photos; Rob Peterson, Sound
Kai Reidl is Without Socks: Matthew Buzzell, Director, Macha, Music

6X6 is a fledgling effort that with the help of Michael Lachowski, the artists, and sponsors just took a big step out into the air. The supportive crowd helped get the wings flapping, and while nobody liked everything, most found something to talk about. Diversity of opinion is a sign things are working: for many, "Cotton Crotch" was a favorite, but it also inspired some discussion about the potential and limitations of cell phone video. The event clocked in at exactly an hour, and one person reported that "I also like the short time frame." That's what we're looking for: Fast, Fun, and Free.

What is this thing called 6X6? Show up at the next event (April 7, 7pm, Ciné Lab) and find out for yourself. But think: anything that can happen in real time. Video, film, slideshow, performance, sound, projectable, disectable, thoughtful, obsessive, simple, or combination. With your help, 6X6 will inspire conversation and challenge all of us to make stuff and explore new ideas. The power of new media is it is accessible to everyone with our camera phones and video key rings and spy pen tape recorders and web-based editing and publishing tools. Coming up next is "Play," to be curated by DiDi Dunphy; submit by March 21st.

This is your chance to be playful, experiment, take a step out of the nest and into the air, fly to the playground, take some video of what happens, have your friends sing a song about it, and edit it on YouTube. Or find a picture of every toy you ever wished you had but never did and then record yourself asking total strangers if they ever had one and how they felt about it. Ask them to come to the event with their toys. The only limits are in your mind. Be a part of it. Submit.

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